Q1:  Do you buy or trade Sports Cards?

A1:  No, see Buy List to see what I buy.

Q2: Do you have the original cards or just the new ones?

A2:  I have Base Set, Base Set 2, Fossil Series, all the way up to the newest sets.  Vintage holos are hard to get, so I will post on Facebook if I get any in.

Q3: Do you ship cards?

A3:  No, but I do sell on eBay.  See Shop

Q4: Can you tell me what my cards are worth?

A4: Yes.  See Appraisals for details.

Q5: Do I need an appointment?

A5:  No.  I am in on Fridays and will post on Facebook if I am not going to be in for any reason.  I do recommend a heads up before bringing in a collection worth over $1000.

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