I am only available for Buying and Trading on Sundays from 12:00 - 5.


Non-Bulk Cards: 50-70% Cash; 75-90% Trade
Bulk Commons/Uncommons: $0.02 Trade, $0.01 Cash *1
Bulk Trainers: $0.01 Trade, $0.005 Cash
Bulk Foils: $0.06 Trade, $0.04 Cash
Bulk Rares: $0.06 Trade, $0.04 Cash
Bulk Holo Rares: $0.15 Trade, $0.10 Cash

Japanese cards accepted but may be valued less than English versions.  Japanese exclusive cards may hold a higher value.
*1 Bulk Commons/Uncommons excludes Energies and Trainer Cards.  

Non-Bulk Cards: 50-60% Cash; 75-90% Trade
Bulk Commons: $0.01 Trade, $0.005 Cash
Bulk Rares: $0.03 Trade, $0.015 Cash (Some may be valued higher)

Magic: The Gathering

Only Standard Format accepted

Non-Bulk Cards: 50-60% Cash; 75-90% Trade
Bulk Rares: $0.07 Trade, $0.05 Cash
Bulk Mythic Rares: $0.25 Trade, $0.20 Cash
Bulk Commons/Uncommons: 0.25c Trade, 0.1c Cash


I accept old US currency, limited foreign currency, Digimon, Power Rangers (originals or diecast), and collectable action figures in excellent or better condition.  No sports cards.
Banknotes & Coins

Wheat Cents: $4/100 Cash minimum for VG-8 or better mixed dates
Other Coins/Notes: Up to 70% Cash (Typically 90-95% Spot for Bulk Silver), 80% Trade

Percent rates are based on the estimated value of the coins.  Because spot price (melt value) is often significantly lower than the numismatic value (actual coin value), I do not buy coins based on spot price.

*Rates are based on Near Mint Condition and the estimated price the cards are to be sold for.  For coins, rates are based on reasonable condition given the coins age and the estimated price it will sell for.  You may be required to show ID when trading or selling.  Rates are subject to change prior to me updating this page.  Please check in store for updated rates.

To get full rates, please be sure all bulk is organized.  (ie. If you are selling Pokemon bulk, have the rares, holos, commons/uncommons, trainers, and energies seperated)  Do not have bulk in sleeves with the exception of clear sleeves that are in like new condition.  Have bulk removed from binders.

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