I am only available for Buying and Trading on Sundays from 12:00 - 5.


Non-Bulk Cards: 50-70% Cash; 75-90% Trade
Bulk Commons/Uncommons: $0.01 Trade, $0.005 Cash
-->No Energies
Bulk Foils/Rares: $0.07 Trade, $0.05 Cash
Bulk Holo Rares: $0.12 Trade, $0.08 Cash
Jumbo Promos: $0.25 Trade, $0.20 Cash
Empty Tins/Boxes: $0.25 Trade, $0.10 Cash
Unused/Sealed ETB Sleeves: $3 Trade, $2 Cash
Figures$1.50 Trade, $1 Cash (minimum)
Pins: $0.50 Trade, $0.25 Cash (minimum)

Japanese cards accepted but may be valued less than English versions.  Japanese exclusive cards may hold a higher value.


Non-Bulk Cards: 50-60% Cash; 75-90% Trade
Bulk Commons: $0.01 Trade, $0.005 Cash
Bulk Rares: $0.03 Trade, $0.02 Cash (Some may be valued higher)
Bulk Holos$0.12 Trade, $0.08 Cash

Magic: The Gathering

Only Standard Format accepted

Non-Bulk Cards: 50-60% Cash; 75-90% Trade
Bulk Rares: $0.10 Trade, $0.07 Cash
Bulk Mythic Rares: $0.20 Trade, $0.15 Cash
Bulk Commons/Uncommons: 0.25c Trade, 0.1c Cash


Now buying collectible Toys, Comics, Game Systems, and Video Games.  No Sports Cards.

Banknotes & Coins

Bulk Rates
Wheat Cents: $4/100
Indian Head Cents: $1 each
Pre 1942 Jefferson Nickel (EF40): $1/10
Silver Jefferson Nickels: $1.25
Buffalo Nickels: $1/3
"V" Liberty Nickels: $0.75
Bulk Silver Coins: At least 60% (no less than 95% spot)

Other Coins/Notes: 60-70%

Rates based on Fine or better condition US coins.

*Rates are based on Near Mint Condition and the estimated price the cards are to be sold for.  You may be required to show ID when trading or selling.

Rates are subject to change prior to me updating this page.  Please check in store for updated rates.  Cards that have to be removed from sleeves or binder pages may be subject to a lower cash rate.  Holos and foils may be placed in good conditioned clear sleeves.

Bulk rates are based on cards sorted by rarity.

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