I am only available for Buying and Trading on Sundays from 12:00 - 5.

Attention: Do not clean coins in any way before bringing them in. This will devalue them. 

Any cards priced at $1 or more are considered non-bulk

Pokemon Cards Cash Rate Trade Rate
Non-Bulk Cards 50-70% 75-90%
Bulk Energy Cards $0, Overstocked
Bulk Commons/Uncommons $0.00 $0.00
Bulk Foils $0.01 $0.02
Bulk Rares $0.01 $0.02
Bulk Holos $0.03 $0.05
Bulk EX, V's, GX And Full Arts $0.25 $0.40
TG and GG cards $0.25 $0.35
Code Cards (Last 3 Sets) $0.005 $0.01
Other Standard Code Cards $0.00 $0.005
Expanded Format Code Cards $0.00 $0.005
Jumbo Promo $0.25 $0.50

Other Pokemon Merchandise
Empty Tins/Boxes $0.10 $0.25
Pokemon Pins & Figures $1.50 $2.00
Unused/Sealed ETB Sleeves $0.50 $1.25
Pokemon Plushies Contact Me

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Cash Rate Trade Rate
Non-Bulk Cards 50-70% 75-90%
Bulk Commons $0.01 $0.015
Bulk Rares $0.02 $0.03
Bulk Holos (super, ultra, etc) $0.08 $0.10

Magic: The Gathering Cash Rate Trade Rate
Non-Bulk Cards 50-70% 75-90%
Bulk Commons/Uncommons $0.002 $0.003
Bulk Rares $0.07 $0.10
Bulk Mythics $0.20 $0.25

Coin Rates are an approximate minimum and in G-4 or better condition.  Certain years may have a higher cash/trade rate. Cleaned, altered, or otherwise defective coins will be priced lower than the below rates.  Defective coins include coins with holes, deep marks, or significantly lost portions of the coin.  Normal wear and toning is not considered defective.


Bulk 90% Silver U.S. Coins: 

17x Face - Mercury Dimes, Barber Quarters, Walking Liberty Halves, and Franklin Halves

20x Face - Cull Morgan and Peace Dollars

15x Face - All others

Note:  These are minimums.  Key dates or high grades may increase rates.

Silver War Nickels: $0.80 (unless high grade)

American Silver Eagles: Over Spot

Other Sovereign Bullion:  At least Spot

Generic Silver Rounds/Bars: Spot

Other US Coins/Notes: 75% Estimated Value

Kennedy Halves (1971 - date) and Small Dollar Coins accepted if MS or BU

State Quarters accepted if in BU condition

Lincoln Cents (1959 - date), Jefferson Nickels (1948 - date), Roosevelt Dimes (1965 - date), and Washington Quarters (1965 - date) accepted as complete BU rolls/tubes only

Jefferson Nickels (1938 - 1942) accepted in VF+ condition.

US silver coins accepted regardless of date or condition.

Any US coin not listed above will be accepted in G4+ condition.  Some coins will be accepted in a lower grade.

Mint errors must be known errors.

*Rates are based on Near Mint Condition and the estimated price the cards are to be sold for.  You may be required to show ID when trading or selling.

Rates are subject to change.  Please check in store for updated rates.  Cards that have to be removed from sleeves or binder pages may be subject to a lower cash rate.  Holos and foils may be placed in good conditioned clear sleeves.

Bulk rates are based on cards sorted by the type of bulk.  (ie. Sort by foil, holo, rare, etc)

The non-bulk % range (ie. 50-70%) depends on demand and the expected change in value.  The typical cash rate is 55% for most cards.

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