Collections can be brought in on Sundays between 12 and 5.  It should take no longer than 1 week to look though cards/coins.  If it will take longer, I will let you know when you first come in.  Payment will be due before evaluation can begin.  The appraisal fee will be refunded if you choose to sell your cards to me instead of picking them up.  Grading is non-refundable.

Note:  If you are wanting to learn how to look up prices for cards, you can check out this guide - How To: Value My Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, and Other Trading Cards



For cards, they will be examined in the same exact way I check my own inventory.  Most fake cards are found the first time I go through them just based on the way they feel or look.  Having seen and felt so many cards over the years, it is usually easy for me to tell.  After that, I will check for additional features that should be present.

For precious metal coins, a check for density will be performed to confirm proper size and weight.  After that, a conductivity test will be done using a Sigma Metalytics tester.  Coins do not need removed from cases to be tested.

Simple Appraisal

A simple appraisal is an ideal option if you are not sure what cards or coins are valuable.  A rough value will be determined quickly and that can be used to determine what is worth doing a full appraisal on.

Detailed Appraisal

A detailed appraisal will include more than just a rough value.  It will include details such as a range that the card or coin has sold for in the past and a more precise assessed value.  

For cards, the set the card is from and the date of release will be included.  Cards will be authenticated during appraisal.

For coins, the date; mint location; contents (eg. Silver %); and mintage numbers will be included.


For cards, grading will be on a scale of 1-10 and include ratings like Damaged, Heavy Played, Moderate Played, Light Played, Near Mint, and Mint.  Please note, the numerical value I give may differ from what PSA, CGC, or BGS might give due to differences in their grading scale.

For coins, the will be graded on a scale of 0-70 and include ratings from Poor (P-0) to Mint 70 (MS-70).  Each grading company uses a different scale to determine grade, so the numerical values may differ from what other grading companies might come up with.

Full Service

This includes...
  • Detailed Appraisal
  • Authentication
  • Grading
  • Additional detailed reports if applicable

Service Fee $10.00
Authentication $0.50/card or coin
Simple Appraisal $0.05/card or coin
Detailed Appraisal $1/card or coin
Grading $7/card or coin
Full Service $8/card or coin

A $10 service fee will be charged only once per transaction.  This is regardless of the number of cards and/or coins being looked at or the number of different services being selected.

Please note:  My appraisals are suited to help individuals sell their cards.  I cannot guarantee my appraisals will be accepted by insurance companies as I haven't had to deal with insurance companies.

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