I will be out of town on September 3rd.  Any appraisals submitted before then may be late.

I have received a lot of requests for card appraisals lately, so I am now offering two options for those who want an appraisal.  Both appraisal options should take no more than 1 week to complete.  
Cards you want appraised can be dropped off on Fridays and picked up anytime after the following Friday.  If you wish to mail in cards, use the form below.  Mail in appraisals could take 3-5 weeks, but may take longer.  Payment due before appraisal starts.

No appointment needed.  Also, your appraisal may include a bid to buy your cards.  If you accept, your entire appraisal cost will be refunded.

Individual Appraisals
An Individual Appraisal is recommended for a small quantity of rarer and more valuable cards. With an individual appraisal, you will receive the following details about your card.

  • A score of your card on a scale of 1 - 10 and specify a condition (eg. 9/10 Mint or 6/10 Excellent)
  • The Set the card is from and the date the set came out.
  • A brief report of the past sales for your given card
  • The approximate market value range for your card (eg. $23.24 - 26.89)
  • An assessed value of your card (Your appraisal)

Cost: $10 + 8.00 per card
Bulk Sorting

Bulk sorting is more ideal if you have a lot of cards, but have no way of knowing if it is worth having them appraised or not. Unlike individual appraisals, cards submitted will only be assigned a rough value to help determine if the cards are worth appraising or selling.

Cost: $10 + 0.15 per card

Please note:  My appraisals are suited to help individuals sell their cards.  I cannot guarantee my appraisals will be accepted by insurance companies as I haven't had to deal with insurance companies.

Appraisal Request Form (For mail in only)

Use this form if you wish to mail cards in to be appraised. You do not need to use this form if you are going to drop cards off in person. There will be a $10 additional charge for mail in appraisals.

Type of Appraisal

By checking this box, you agree to the following terms. You agree to hold harmless Brent's Cards And Coins, Brent Gourley, or any other affiliates harmless for any lost shipments. You agree that all card appraisals are based on my personal experience on how to value cards. You acknowledge that the 1-10 score assigned to the card or cards is not a recognized grade by the majority of the TCG community and may not be a great way to assess what grade you will receive from grading companies like PSA.

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