Pokemon Videos

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I was just messing around when I built this Bidoof Deck, but I can't believe how long this match went and I have never seen such a thing in a match before.  You will see what I mean when you watch the video. 

Oh the fun of just poisoning your opponent, but in this video, I take it to the extreme.  Super Intense Poison + 4 Sevipers + Virbank City Gym equals 160 damage between turns.

I have opened my fair share of booster boxes over the years, but what I found in this box I have never heard of before this video.  On top of that, the error would be called fake if I didn't have this video.

Most of these PSA 10 Pikachu Cards were sent in to be graded by me.  Only two were purchased graded.  I don't think I spent more than $40 on each of those, including grading costs. 

Pokemon on currency?  What kind of wonderland is this?  Okay, this currency isn't technically in circulation since Niue uses the New Zealand Dollar.  These are technially currency issued by Niue, but they are mainly collectors items.  If you can find them that is.

Sometimes I just love to show off my old Pokemon toys.  This is the original Tiger Electronics Pokedex from the late 90's.  It has data on the first 150 Pokemon including height and a description.  No Mew though.

Pokemon is awesome.  Mario is awesome.  Mario Pikachu is indescribable.  I ordered these Japanese promo boxes for $25 a box and I have to say, money well spent.

I was set on cereal for months when they started putting Pokemon cards in the boxes.  Well played General Mills Marketing Department.  Well played.

This was a complete Pokedex collection of Pokemon cards prior to Sun & Moon.  Just for fun, I added the theme songs to various to match the generations.  Sadly, one of the songs did get silenced for copyright.

Who can't resist the urge to try and win Pokemon plushies at a carnival and King's Island in Mason, Ohio had plenty of carnival games you could win Pokemon plushies at.  We dare not speak of how much money I spent.

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