Here you can post your Pokemon Go Friend Code and send others friend requests.  Just post your Username (optional) and Friend Code in the comment box below.

For $2 a month, you can have your Friend Code moved to the "Premium Friend Codes" list on the top of the page.

Premium Friend Codes 
(Paid Subscription)

BrentsCardsCoin: 260068719838

Post your code in the comments section below.  I noticed this loads last, so if you have a slow internet connection, you may need to give it a couple seconds to load.

More Friend Codes

None Right Now

I will move friend codes here when the comments section gets too long.  If I move your friend code here and you want it removed, just post "remove (friend code)" and I will remove it ASAP.


Premium Subscription

$2 per month

Step 1: Enter Info

(Be sure to hit Submit)

Step 2: Check Out

Only 20 Friend Codes will be accepted for the Premium listing.  If the subscription cost is raised, those already subscribed will be locked in at the price they signed up with.  The Premium listing is subject to renaming.  However, it will always be on the near top of this page.

Subscriptions are subject to being ended at anytime with or without notice.  If your subscription is ended by either you or myself, you will continue to receive the benefits of the subscription for any days you have already paid for.  If for any reason your friend code is removed early, you will be refunded for the month.

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