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Known Pokemon Card Errors, What Are They Worth?

Mis-Cuts and Alignment Errors

Miscuts and alignment errors are actually very common. Especially lately with the number of cards being printed. Typically, these cards don't have any special value to them unless the error is significant. An example of this is if you have a card with part of another card printed on it.

Also, if the card is from an older set, especially Base Set, the value can go up a lot more.

Miscut Base Set Vulpix.  Sold on eBay for $48.50 July 31, 2022.

Mis-aligned Eevee with alignment dots visible.  Due to how common this error is, the value isn't that high.

Miscut Pikachu.  The edge on the left appears to belong to another card.  The bottom right corner is also miscut.  This card sold on eBay for $4 with the Eevee card on March 12, 2023.

These 4 cards are all Misaligned with Alignment Dots visible.  They sold for $9.99, but may have only sold for that much because 100% of the sale went to charity.

Ink Printer Hickey and Blob (or Blot) Errors

An Ink Printer Hickey often occurs when something, like dust, gets stuck to a printer plate.  This can create a similar looking imperfection on several printings until the plates are cleaned.  A well-known example of this is the heart shaped Ink Hickey on the Base Set Clefairy card (image below).  The value of that card can depend on how complete the circle is around the heart, with the complete circle being the most valuable.

An Ink Blob is extra Ink that may appear on the card.  It is similar to a printer hickey, but the cause is extra ink being put on the card.  Often this is because the printer needs cleaned.

Sold on eBay for $305 on November 13, 2022.

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