Tournaments will be held in the store (5500 Brandt Pike; Huber Heights, Ohio).  Please read the information below.  If you have any questions, you can email me at

Tournaments Registration
Attention. Tournaments are not league sanctioned tournaments.

Select tournaments you wish to sign up for.



You must sign up 1 week before the tournament starts.  Once 8 people have signed up for a tournament, no more applicants will be accepted.  If enough people sign up, another tournament may be scheduled for the next week.


For Pokemon formats, Click Here

  • Legacy Format: The rules are not fully set up by the Pokemon Company, so cards from Black and White and back are accepted.
  • Wizards Format: Only cards from Wizards of the Coast (Click Here for complete list)

For Yu-Gi-Oh formats, Click Here

For Magic: The Gathering Formats, Click Here

Unlimited Formats, use any cards you want.  Limit 4 of the same for Pokemon (excluding basic energy).  Limit 3 of the same for Yu-Gi-Oh.


1st Place: Rare Pack (unless otherwise stated)

2nd Place: RePack (unless otherwise stated)

Tournament Style

This will be an 8 Player Single Elimination.  In the event that 8 people do not sign up, a different format will be used.  If an odd number of people sign up, I will join the tournament to make it an even number.  The tournament will then be a 2 or 4 player tournament.  See below for details if 6 people join.

6 Player Style

If only 6 people sign up (or 5 people and I have to join), each player will battle each other.  When you win, you earn 1 point.  Whoever gets the most points wins.  In the event of a tie, there will be a sudden death match.  

Time limit

All matches must be complete within 30 minutes excluding the final match.  If more than 2 groups haven't finished within 30 minutes, the matches will continue for 15 more minutes.  The final match has a 60 minute time limit.

After the time limit has passed, the person closest to winning will be declared the winner.

  • For Pokemon, it will be the person who has collected the most prize cards.  If both players have the same number of prize cards, the winner will be the next player to draw a prize card, but each player will have 2 minutes to complete each turn.
  • For Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering, it will be the person who has the most remaining life.  If both players have the same amount of life, another 2 turns per player will be added and each player will have 2 minutes to complete each turn.  If both players still have the same amount of life, another turn per player will be added until the remaining life is no longer equal and each player will have 2 minutes to complete their turn.

Deck Size

Pokemon: 60 exactly unless otherwise stated

Yu-Gi-Oh: 40-60 cards unless otherwise stated

Magic: The Gathering: Unless otherwise stated,60+, but must be able to shuffle the entire deck at the same time.


1) No cheating 

2) No banned cards (unless otherwise stated).  Use cards from correct format.

  •  Yu-Gi-Oh:
  • Pokemon:
  • Magic: The Gathering:

3) Show up on time.  Being late may result in disqualification. 

4) All cards that have marks on the back must be sleeved in colored back sleeves.  This includes

  • A distinctly damaged card that stands out in the entire deck.
  • Pokemon World Championship cards unless they are all World Championship cards
  • Cards with writing on the back

5) You must either use an electronic device (ie. life counter apps) or paper to keep track of life for Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering.

  • Paper will be provided.

6) Any person under 18 must only participate with parental approval.

7) No betting

8) Must be civil at all times.

9) No coercing another player to surrender

10) You must choose and stick with one deck during the tournament (unless otherwise stated)

Breaking the rules may lead to disqualification and being temporary or permanently banned from joining future tournaments.

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