Pokemon Go Hints And Tricks

So you are playing Pokemon Go and you are progressing slowly.  Maybe too slow.  But you really want that Gym controlled by a level 1000+ player.  What can you do?  Don't give up too soon because there is hope.  So here are some hints and tricks for you.

Level Up Fast

Leveling up gives you lots of free goodies such as Pokeballs, Lucky Eggs (once in a while), and more.  However, you have to be able to level up fast to begin with.  Some tips, besides just battling and evolving, you can use are as follows...

  1. Walk and hatch eggs.  Hatching eggs pays big XP and it has the double benefit of giving stardust and candy.
  2. Battle Gyms whenever possible.  If it is your team color, you can take your strongest Pokemon and keep battling over and over to get 150 XP.  A battle might last 2 minutes, so if you really want to, you can earn 4500XP and hour (9000 with Lucky Egg).
  3. Capture  Pokemon.  Practice skilled captures for bonus XP.
  4. PokeStops.  Find an area with lots of PokeStops and just keep walking up to them.  They refresh every 5 minutes, so if you are in an area with 5 stops, you can theoretically get 60 stops per hour or 3000 xp per hour.  You get the added benefit of getting 120-180 Pokeballs an hour.
  5. Use Lucky Eggs when you get them.  Sometimes, you get lucky eggs by leveling.  Time it right.  I recommend timing egg hatches, evolving, and capturing new Pokemon around it.  You can also use the above Pokestops trick to get lots of xp.  The faster you move and the more stops in the area, the better.  Jump on a bike and find an area with 10 of them and you could probably get 6000XP in half an hour.

    If you hatch 2 eggs, evolve 2  Pokemon, and hit up the Pokestops, you could get 8800XP in just 30 minutes.

XP Charts

  • 500 XP: Capture a New Pokemon
  • 500 XP: Evolve a Pokemon
  • 200 XP: Hatch a Pokemon
  • 150 XP: Defeating a Pokemon Trainer at Gym
  • 100 XP: Capture a Pok√©mon
  • 100 XP: Excellent Throw Capture
  • 100 XP: Battling a Pokemon Trainer at Gym
  • 50 XP: Beat a Pokemon in Training at a Gym
  • 50 XP: Checking in at a Pokestop
  • 50 XP: Great Throw capture
  • 10 XP: Nice Throw capture
  • 10 XP: Curve Ball capture
(Source: http://www.usgamer.net/articles/pokemon-go-how-to-earn-xp-and-level-up-fast)

Level Your Pokemon

You will need candy and stardust to level.  Besides controlling a gym, you can only get them by capturing Pokemon.  Get more candy by sending them to Professor Willow or hatching eggs.  I think you also get stardust from hatching eggs.  If you want to control a gym, focus on 1 Pokemon to train.  Choose one that has a common or semi-common Pokemon to train because getting candy will be easier.

What I do

Here is exactly what I do.

  1. Go around and collect Pokemon.  Especially the ones that are the same species as what I am trying to level up.  For example, I am trying to level up my Flareon, so I keep catching Eevee that are somewhat common in my area.
  2. Keep going to PokeStops as much as possible.  I get about 2-3 Pokeballs from each stop, so I usually try to hit up 14 a day.  When the game first released, that wasn't really an option, so I did run low fast, but now, I can get about 40 per day plus 15-20 from leveling, so 55-60 Pokeballs per day.  Since I usually catch the Pokemon in 1-2 tries, I can get 30 Pokemon this way.
  3. Hatch as many eggs as I can.  I hatch 3-6 eggs per day.  I get XP, candy, and, sometimes, a new Pokemon.
  4. Use a Bike, but make sure the phone is bobbing if hatching eggs because the game will thing you are driving a car otherwise.  I have recently figured that out.
  5. Take gyms.  I haven't been able to hold a gym yet, but I hope to soon.

My final tip.  Don't hack or cheat in the game.  It is a fun game and you don't want banned.  Besides, it is not fun if you just cheat.

Do you have any tips?  Share them below.

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