Author: Brent Gourley
Date Submitted: 9/24/2015 @ 8:56 PM EST

Pokemon Break Evolution

 Ever since the announcement of Mega Evolution, many Pokemon fans, myself included, have wondered who will be the next Pokemon to Mega Evolve. As of September 24, 2015, 46 Pokemon have been given the ability to Mega Evolve leaving 336 fully evolved Pokemon without a Mega Evolution. Mewtwo and Charizard are the only Pokemon, for now, who have two different Mega Evolutions that are influenced by which Mega Stone you give them. There is no telling when or if any new Mega Evolutions will be released in the future or if we must wait for Generation 7. However, Pokemon revealed a new form of evolution known as Break Evolution.

      Break Evolution occurs with fully evolved Pokemon with Chesnaught, Raichu, and Zoroark being the first 3 announced to have this type of evolved form. So far, it has only officially been released in the Trading Card Game with no mention of it in the Video Games or Anime. Break Evolution appears to have a similarity with the Lv.X Pokemon from the 4th generation in that you place the card on top of your already fully evolved Pokemon to give it a new attack and sometimes more HP. Just like LV. X Pokemon, Break Evolution allows a player to use attacks from the previous evolution. Unlike LV. X cards, however, when you use Break Evolution, you place the card on top of the other Pokemon sideways. It is not yet known if non-fully evolved Pokemon will get a Break Evolution, just like the non-fully evolved Pokemon who got a LV. X upgrade, or if only fully evolved Pokemon will get this special evolution.

      Little is known by the fans about Break Evolution as it is a new element to the game. However, not so new an element since it is just like Pokemon LV. X. Could we have Break Evolution in the new games or in the Anime or will this be strictly an element for the TCG like LV. X and Pokemon EX. What new Evolutions could we have in the future? Could we have things like Fusion Evolution where two Pokemon become one super powerful one almost like we had with Kyurem? Could we get more Mega Evolutions with current or future Pokemon? All I know is a lot has changed since Pokemon Red and Blue, but will Break Evolution take off, or will it suffer the same fate as Pokemon LV. X and quickly be forgotten.


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