Author: Brent Gourley
Date Submitted: 10/5/2015 @ 4:39 PM EST

The Power of Marshmallon: How

To Drive Your Opponent Insane?


Whether you are new to Yu-Gi-Oh or a long term player, finding new strategies is always important. However, sometimes you not only want to win, but you want to see to it that your opponent is powerless to attack you. That is where Marshmallon comes in. This article will give you a few ideas on how you can use Marshmallon wisely and how I use Marshmallon, but it is up to you to build your own deck using these tips. Finally, I will tell you exactly what I use in my deck that has Marshmallon in it.

What Is Marshmallon?

So what is Marshmallon and what does it do? Marshmallon is a level 3 Fairy/Effect Monster found in the Premium Pack Series 1, Structure Deck: Lost Sanctuary 1st Edition, and Duelist Pack: Yugi 1st Edition booster packs. Typically, this card prices at between $3 and $4 each, so making a deck with it can quickly get expensive if you want to use other great cards. Marshmallon has only 300 attack and 500 defense, so at first glance it seems like a useless card. However, this cards power comes from its effect which states it cannot be destroyed by battle and damage is calculated normally. So essentially, leave it in defense position and you have yourself a wall. To make things worse for your opponent, if Marshmallon is face down and attacked, your opponent takes 1000 direct damage.

What Is Marshmallon Weak To?

Marshmallon sounds like an indestructible card, so you win right? If that were true, it would be on the banned list before you could even use it in tournament. Any spells or traps, like Dark Hole, that destroy monsters directly can kill Marshmallon. Likewise, if your opponent uses a card effect, like Chaos Infinity, to change Marshmallon to Attack position, your opponent can now attack Marshmallon. Marshmallon won't be destroyed, but you will take battle damage. Finally, you have cards that cancel card effects. Marshmallon without its card effect is nothing more than a weak monster who can't do anything.

What Can I Do To Negate Counter Moves?

Before going any further, I must point out that there is no such thing as an unbeatable deck. Someone out there will always be able to stop you, but there are still ways to keep from being countered. If an infinite spell/trap is forcing Marshmallon into an Attack Position or negating its effect, use a card, like Mystical Space Typhoon, to destroy it. If an effect monster is doing this, then use a card like Fissure to destroy it. One of the best ways to deal with anti-Marshmallon cards is to not put all of your eggs in one basket. You will want other cards to protect your life points while Marshmallon is powerless such as trap cards to negate attacks, other monsters to battle with, or spell cards that stop the battle phase.

How To Get Marshmallon Out Faster?

Having Marshmallon in your deck is great, but first you must get it on the field before your opponent drains your life. If you are using a 40 card deck and 3 Marshmallons, your odds, after drawing 6 cards without a Marshmallon, is 8.8% or about 1 in 11.4. That is not great odds at all, so if you want to better your odds, have cards like Pot of Duality, Reload, Cardcar D, and so on in your deck. If you don't mind using banned or limited cards, you can also use Card Destruction, Graceful Charity, Hand Destruction, and so on to self mill your deck, but you better be able to win fast if you mill too much. Now the most important card you should have if you want to get Marshmallon out fast is Gold Sarcophagus, which will let you remove any card from your deck and add it to your hand during your second stand-by phase. If you use three of these in your deck, your odds of getting Marshmallon out on your second draw will increase from 8.8% to 17.6% or about a 1 in 5.7 chance. How many Marshmallons and Gold Sarcophogus cards you use is up to you and should be based on how much you are relying on it. Always make sure you have plenty of other cards to use for attacks on your opponent because Marshmallon can only be flipped once. The only exception to that is if you use a card like Book of Moon to flip it back to face down position, but it is not likely that your opponent will attack it again.

How To Use Marshmallon?

For the most part, how you use marshmallon can differ depending on what your over all strategy is. If you want to use Marshmallon along side your other monsters, you should have Marshmallon Glasses in your deck. Marshmallon Glasses is an infinite spell card that forces your opponent to only attack Marshmallon. As long as this spell card is on the field, you can use your other monsters for attacks without fear of your opponent destroying them. This is great if you need time to get monsters on the field for Tribute, Fusion, XYZ, and Synchro summoning. If your opponent knows you use Marshmallon, you can put another monster in defense position and your opponent may hesitate to attack for fear of taking 1000 direct damage.

Another nasty way you can use Marshmallon may drive your opponent crazy. Just simply blast your opponent with direct damage spell and trap cards like Magic Cylinder, Meteor Flare, Goblin Thief, Tremendous Fire, and so on until your opponent has zero life. Magic Cylinder deals direct damage equal to your opponents attack when he/she declares and attack and the attack is negated. Meteor Flare is a trap card that requires you to discard 2 cards, but deals 2000 direct damage if your opponent has more than 3000 Life Points before the trap is activated. Goblin Thief deals 500 direct damage to your opponent and gives you the 500 Life Points. Tremendous Fire deals 500 direct damage to you and 1000 direct damage to your opponent.

Probably the best way to use marshmallon, just like with any other deck, is to have various methods of attack. If you rely too much on spells and traps or too much on just monsters, you have a very good chance of being taken out by a single card. Using parts of the above strategies could prove very helpful in winning against many deck types. You typically want to have monsters and/or tokens as well as spells and traps, but it is possible to build decks using just spells/traps or just monsters and non-offense spells/traps. There are so many ways to build a deck, it is not practical to list them all. However, knowing the various ways to use Marshmallon can help you come up with your own strategy.

My Deck

My deck is mostly a token deck that focuses on getting rid of my opponents monsters and spells and boosting the attack of tokens. Like all decks, it is important to have additional draws from your deck and/or reshuffling your deck. I use Marshmallon to stall my opponent while I get all the cards I need to power up my tokens, but I also do direct damage to my opponents life points while this is going on. If an effect monster negates Marshmallon, I have cards to destroy that monster. If my opponent has a spell or trap card that negates Marshmallon, I have cards to destroy that spell or trap card. Timing isn't always perfect, so I don't always win, but this deck can be a pain. For the sake of limiting how many people will just copy my deck instead of building their own, I won't go into how many of each card I use, but I will tell you what cards I use and why.

To destroy or stop a monster in its tracks, I use Ekibyo Drakmord to disable and eventually destroy a monster,. Ekibyo Drakmord will not let a monster attack and will destroy the monster after my opponents second turn. Level Limit – Area B is an infinite spell I use to disable level 4 and up monsters by forcing them into defense position. If only one monster needs destroyed, I use Fissure which is a great way to get rid of a bad effect monster. Mirror Force is a nasty surprise if my opponent attacks because it kills all of his monsters. Lightning Vortex requires me to discard, but it destroys my opponents monsters without effecting mine. Unlike Lightning Vortex, Dark Hole destroys all monsters, but I don't have to discard.

Unstable Evolution and Token Stampede are used to power up my tokens and make them indestructible by attacks. If I use 3 token Stampede cards as well as Unstable Evolution, I could potentially have a token with 5400 attack. In order to summon my tokens, I used Hippo Carnival and Scapegoat during my opponents turn so I can move them to attack position on my turn. Hippo Carnival also keeps my opponent from being able to attack. I have Stray Lambs as a back up just in case I don't have anything else to get tokens out with. My favorite card for summoning tokens is The Golden Apples because if I have Token Stampede in effect, chances are great that I will have a token that can beat all of my opponents monsters.

My tokens are especially useful if you are able to negate traps and spells, but if you can't, my direct damage cards can end the game fast. As mentioned earlier Magic Cylinder, Meteor Flare, Goblin Thief, and Tremendous Fire are great for doing direct damage, so of course I use them. One of Marshmallon's uses is letting my opponent get all 5 monster spots filled so I can use Thunder Short. Thunder Short does 400 direct damage for each monster your opponent controls, so if he/she has 5, this card can do 2000 direct damage. Hinotama is good for a quick 500 damage, so that was added to my deck as filler. If an opponent attacks my life points at all, Dimension Wall can be used so that my opponent takes that damage instead.

No Yu-Gi-Oh deck is complete without draw cards. Simply using CardCar D, I am able to tribute it during main phase 1 on the turn it was summoned and draw two cards. One draw back to this card is once the effect is used, you cannot special summon and your turn ends. Reload is essentially a redo where you shuffle your hand into your deck and draw that many cards. I recommend trying to save that card for when you can't do anything, but have a lot of cards. Of course, another semi-expensive card, Pot Of Duality allows you to draw 3 cards, take one, and shuffle the others into your deck. You cannot special summon for the rest of your turn and can only play one Pot Of Duality card at a time.

Marshmallon is the star of the show and has many functions in my deck. If my opponent attack it while it is in defense position, my opponent takes 1000 direct damage. If I need to stall while waiting for summoning and powering up my tokens, Marshmallon is nothing more than a wall to stop all attacks. Mystical Space Typhoon helps keep my opponent from disabling Marshmallon with spells or traps that negate effects. Monster destroying cards help when an effect monster does the same. However, because Marshmallon is hard to destroy, It is easier for me to use Marshmallon to XYZ summon Number 48: Shadow Lich which allows me to detach 1 XYZ material during my opponents turn and summon a 500 attack phantom token. The phantom token makes it impossible to target Number 48: Shadow Lich for an attack. If 3 Token Stampedes are in effect, Number 48: Shadow Lich will end up spitting out two 3500 attack tokens. All of this made possible by Marshmallon.


Marshmallon has many uses in Yu-Gi-Oh, but you must not rely only on it because it can be foiled. Whether you want to just have Marshmallon as an extra card or use it as part of your strategy is up to you. However, knowing the various ways to use Marshmallon could allow it to be compatible with any deck you wish to build. Ultimately, Marshmallon is a wall and nothing more, but sometimes this wall can be knocked down and you must be able to work around it quickly.  However you choose to use Marshmallon is up to you.  No matter what you choose, your opponent will go probably go insane trying to take Marshmallon out.


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