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Q1: Do you ship cards?

A1:  I do some shipping.  Message me a list and I can check my inventory.

Q2: Do you have the original cards or just the new ones?

A2:  I have Base Set, Base Set 2, Fossil Series, all the way up to the newest sets.

Q3:  Do you buy pokemon cards?

A3:  Yes, but you may want to contact me to verify that I can still buy.

Q4:  Do you buy or Trade Sports Cards?

A4:  No

Q5:  Do you accept pre-orders for new releases?

A5:  I am currently not purchasing sealed products, so I won't be able to take pre orders.

Q6:  Do you take Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or Checks?

A6:  Yes, I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as well as checks.  A photo ID is required for checks.  I only accept Debit Cards that can be run as credit.  (Update: Now accepting Apple and Android Pay)

Q7:  Do you have any Japanese Cards?

A7:  Yes, I have a large collection of Japanese cards including rares.

Q8:  Do you have any of the games?

A8:  I have many Nintendo games and sometimes have Pokemon Games available.  Contact me to see if I have any available.

Q9:  Do you sell to dealers?

A9:  I am not a wholesaler, but I can give you a good deal on most things if you buy a large group.  Any items bought for resale by a licensed dealer are tax exempt.  I just need you to fill out a tax exempt form if it is your first time buying from me.

Q10:  Where do you get your cards?

A10:  Either through trades or buys.  I open booster packs on my YouTube Channel, so I get a lot of them that way.

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